3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Sell Your Home

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Springtime is a great time to de-clutter your home, especially if you're about to list it for sale on the real estate market. Historically speaking, more people are inclined to buy a home during spring months, so why not get your spring cleaning done and increase the chances of selling your home at the same time?

Here are 3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Sell Your Home:

1. Maintain Your Yard - this one may seem like a no-brainer to most, but some folks leave their grass high and their lawn unkempt when selling their home, especially if it's on the market for a while and the homeowner gets lazy. If you're not mowing your lawn, picking weeds, and pruning flower beds, don't expect much interest from prospective buyers when they come to see your home. Landscaping also has a very positive effect on the curb appeal of your property, so consider doing some light work yourself or lighten your purse strings and hire a pro.

2. Deep Clean Your Bathrooms and Kitchen - This one is pretty important if you haven't deep cleaned your kitchen or bathrooms in a long time. Few things cause buyers to pass on a home more than dirty bathrooms and kitchens. Make sure you're cleaning the grout between tiles, clean your cupboards, wipe down your counters, re-caulk bathtubs and polish all of your fixtures.

3. Organize and De-Clutter - While the knick-knacks in your home might be meaningful to you, home buyers typically don't want to see these items. Put your decorations in storage or sell unwanted items in a yard sale, and only keep the essentials in your home for marketing photos and home staging purposes. Doing this will make moving a lot easier when you sell your home, and it'll feel great living in a de-cluttered home while you wait for the perfect offer to come in.  

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